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Focus Provision


Our Focus Provision

Currently there is a focus provision which specialises in providing support for children with ASD.  The Focus provision has some very experienced, skilled members of staff and all staff are fully qualified. They are passionate about their roles and the children in their care.


What makes our focus provision special?

All the children that are in our Focus Provision are treated as individuals and are encouraged to work to their full potential. This is done through individualised learning, through a bespoke creative Focus Provision curriculum. Through our curriculum we aim to:

  • Provide engaging opportunities to broaden children’s' knowledge and understanding.
  • To develop children's communication using augmentative structure. Using a variety of symbols, signing, sentence structure, communication books and verbal communication through a kinaesthetic environment.
  • Provide appropriate learning opportunities based on each child's individual needs to help them think and reflect.
  • To equip the children with the necessary skills to become a celebrated individual, within the wider community.

We also dedicate a day a week to learning opportunities to enhance their life skills and their personal, emotional, social development through a variety of activities. This includes regular shopping trips to Sainsbury’s and other regular offsite learning opportunities throughout the year. 

We use the children’s Education and Health Care Plans (EHCP’s) to support their longer term outcomes, as well as the bespoke curriculum. We support the children with all their other needs.  This includes their communication and language.  We pride ourselves in being a total communication Focus Provision. We support those children who require positive behaviour plans and sensory processing difficulties to access all areas of our curriculum and their individual areas of their learning.


How will my child be supported to settle into the Provision?

Transition to the Focus Provision needs to be done in a structured way and depends on the needs of the child.  It is important that discussion with all professionals and parents takes place, considering the thoughts and concerns of all those involved with the child. 

The timescale of the transition and the length of their initial school day will vary depending on each individual child.

Where possible staff from our Focus Provision will visit the child’s present setting and get to know them there; and the child's current support member of staff will attend Christ Church CofE Primary for the first initial visit to help with the child’s transition. This will enable our staff to discuss the child’s likes and dislikes, skills, milestones and any sensory information that is required.


How do I get a place for my child?

To be allocated a place in our Focus Provision the child must have an Education and Health Care Plan and a diagnosis of Autism. The place is allocated through the Local Authority provision panel with the agreement of the parents, Focus Provision Manager/SENCo and Head Teacher.


Inclusion within Christ Church C of E (VA) School

All children within the Focus Provision are included within Christ Church C of E (VA) Primary’s school life.  They are part of praise assemblies, sports days, celebrations days and topic based days.

Children from mainstream classes are encouraged to come to the provision to take part in group activities and this helps to form friendships and collaborative working.

At least once a week, the children join their class. This can be for a variety of different lessons or activities.  If it is suitable for the individual, they will join their class for more lessons. They are also given the opportunities to attend off site visits (if suitable) with their class and where provided, they can attend residential within year 5 & 6. 

They also attend swimming lessons with full support of focus provision staff, at the local sports centre when they are in year 4.

 Lunch times and Break times are another opportunity to join in with their peers. All children eat their lunch in the dining hall (where suitable for the individual) alongside their friends and then join them outside. 


Comments from parents

“A fabulous school, our son has come on in a short space and time. His reading, behaviour and social skills have really improved since starting Christ Church.”

“Definitely the right place for my son. Best thing I ever did was get him into Christ Church.”

“School knows my child’s needs and supports him amazingly. He is progressing well because of the dedication and support from the staff.”


 Focus Provision Local Authority and Peer Review

The Focus Provision had a review by the local authority. In this report the following statements were included:

  •  All pupils make good progress from their starting points as evidenced by data and books’
  • Clear ethos and vision for a fully inclusive school.'
  • 'Active SEND governor'
  • 'Strong relationship with speech and language therapy'
  • 'Focus Provision incorporates various strategies for communication and interaction and developed a curriculum around it.'
  • 'Focus Provision curriculum is based on life skills and independence. Pupils are given opportunities to repeat and reinforce skills until embedded.'
  • 'Lots of opportunities for parental involvement.'
  • 'Focus Provision lead relays communications from West Midlands Autism Group and Sandwell Autism Group
  • ‘Opportunities for Focus Provision specific educational visits.'
  • 'Clear positive behaviour plans in place.'
  • 'Provision is personalized and children have targets related to their EHCP outcomes.'
  • 'Focus Provision monitors progress and has a good understanding of individual needs.'
  • 'Focus Provision lead and deputy have a high degree of expertise.'