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School Council

What is a school council?

A school council is a formal group of pupils within a school who are elected by their peers to represent them and their views.


Why have a school council?

Here at Christ Church we have a school council which allows pupils to have a real say in issues that affect them and supports our children to know that their opinions count. Years 2 to 6 have elected representatives on our School Council. The school council meet regularly and are supported and nurtured to help improve many aspects of school life.

The name of our School Council is ‘The SHINE Leadership Council’. We chose this name because it’s cool, it rhymes and it best represents who we are.

Did you know that The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) says that children and young people should have a say in decisions that affect their lives.  A school council can provide a meaningful way in which pupils can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in 

The school council is also an important and useful way for schools to provide leadership and development opportunities for their pupils. They are an excellent way in which to increase participation and explore concepts of democracy, local and global citizenship and accountability.


What are our aims?

  • To change the school for the better to benefit all of our children.
  • To include all people and value what everyone suggests.
  • To always keep trying and never give up
  • To try to do our best to shine brighter for school and be successful in achieving our goals 


How do we want to improve school?

Here is our school council action plan. We started by identifying and discussing school issues and how we might address these. We then agreed which were the most important priorities for our school and put them into a simple action plan with 1 or 2 key areas to work on each term. 

At the start of every new term we will outline a more detailed plan of our agreed step by step actions and who is responsible.