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Learning Challenges

Term Autumn





Learning Challenge How can we run a museum to share the history of Britain and the World?


A pop up museum 

(whole school)

Year Group 

Learning Challenge

Spring Outcomes

Year Group 

Learning Challenge

Summer Outcomes

Nursery - This is me! Who am I? What makes me special?  

Reception - Super Me! Do all Superheroes wear capes?


Our family past and present. 


Nativity Performance 

Nursery- Fairytales! Can we retell our favourite Fairytale?

Reception- What is like to live in the woods?

Who lives in the woods?

How is it different to where we live? 

Visit from the Pantomime 

Animal man to visit and bring woodland animals

Nursery- I do like to be by the sea side? Who goes to the beach? Who lives under the sea ? What is it like to be a pirate? What is it like to be a mermaid?

Reception- Lower the drawbridge. Who lived in castles? Why were they built?

Beach party including Pirates and Mermaids

Royal ball including Knights and Princesses

Focus Provision 

The Great, The Bold and The Brave

What can we find out about the emergency services and people who help us?


Our Super heroes  - Emergency services - past and present

Our World and Space

What can we find out about the world around us and beyond?

Take part in a family bubbleology workshop. World and Space art exhibition.

Healthy Lifestyle and Super Sports

Can we keep healthy through food and exercise?

Taking part in Sports day.

Healthy eating and cooking for our parents.

Year 1

All About Me

How can I show who I am? 

Who helps me and who helped in the past?


Ourselves, our family and pets and people who help us  - past and present

Our Town:

What is it like in this place around us? 

Can we explore it?

Create a public display about Oldbury (in the local library)

The Great Outdoors

Who has explored the great outdoors? Can I explore it and what can I create there?

Create and run a garden centre with things grown or made to sell
Year 2

The Great Fire of London

What is the significance of fire in the past?


Significance of fire on our country


Can we create a gallery to share the culture of China? 

Create a Chinese ‘gallery of culture’

(Use proceeds raised to adopt a panda)

Being Healthy

Can we help our families keep healthy through exercise and food?

Jump Rope – BHF link

Create a Fitness DVD with advice booklet and recipe book to sell to raise

Year 3

Ancient Greece

What was it like to be in Ancient Greece?


What was it like to be in Ancient Greece

Natural Disasters

Where are there environments in the world at risk?

How can we help and support them?

A Campaign to raise awareness and funds for 

relief of a natural disaster

Being British

Year 3 Term 3 - What does it mean to be British? How do we use our land? How has our land changed from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?

Traditional Afternoon British Tea
Year 4

Ancient Egypt

What impact did the Egyptians have on world history?


The Impact of the Egyptians on history


How can we celebrate different parts of Europe?

Run a pop up restaurant to celebrate the culture of Europe


Why is water so important to the world?

Campaign to Use Water Responsibly
Year 5


How did invaders leave their mark at different times?


How Invaders left their mark

Saving our Rainforest

How can we help save our world? (Amazon Rainforest)

Run a Fair Trade Sale - use proceeds to support the WWF to fund trees/animals

Inventions and Innovations

What might we learn from great local designers and inventors and create a new product?

Invent and pitch a moving machine for an agreed purpose ready for ‘The Dragons Den’
Year 6

Cost of War

What is the cost of war?

Set up and run pop up museum and exhibition about the cost of war

Dreams and Aspirations

Where in the world have people achieved their dreams?

Part 1 of topic

Write and perform own ‘Dream’ Speeches sharing hopes and aspirations with other children, parents and the local community

Leaving a Legacy

How can we leave a legacy?

Part 2 of topic

Leave a legacy 

(agreed between teacher and cohort)


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