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Collective Worship council


At the beginning of the year, pupils are elected by their class to become members of the Worship Council.  As a Church school, we want to help everyone to feel successful, happy,  included, nurtured and enriched whilst learning about and worshipping God and celebrating multi faiths at Christ Church CE Primary School.

This year, our Worship Council members are: Y1 Farheen and Euan, Y2 Adam and  Ibraheem, Y3 K’Zhane and Nyren, Y4 Emmanuel and Harnisha, Y5 Mary and James, Y6 Quai, Aalia and Daisy

Each half term the Worship Council meet together to do some of the following things: 

  • Reflect upon worship and how it can be even better.
  • Help monitor and evaluate the different worship sessions and the school environment
  • Learn more about worship e.g. why worship is important and the different ways to worship
  • Help choose worship songs.
  • Have ideas for prayers.
  • Help set up and maintain our Prayer Hut

Some of our aims for the coming year are for us to:

  • Look for children  and praise those children who are demonstrating the Christian value we are focussing on.
  • Help to lead worship.
  • To take a lead in organising fundraising days to support the local and global community.