Christ Church C of E Primary School

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We have created an orderly environment, within a framework of agreed behaviour where children can develop social skills and play a positive role in a school society where all individuals are valued. Our school Code of Conduct was drawn up in consultation with Governors, School Staff, Parents and most importantly the children and are reproduced below.

School Rules Sanctions
  • Always do as you are asked the first time.
  • Raise your hand and wait when you have something to say.
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  • Be responsible for yourself and make good choices.
  • Show consideration for yourself, other people and our school.

We have a range of rewards—class and individual  which your child should get over the course of the year.  Please ask your child about them.


  • Verbal warning
  • Yellow card
  • Red card - text sent to parents, time off break to reflect on behaviour/catch up on work, sent to assistant head. Children will be asked to complete a reflection sheet to help them think about their behaviour and how it can be improved.
  • 2 minutes off playtime or after school with teacher to discuss behaviour and what they could do better next time

Poor behaviour may result in your child going on the Special Needs Register and receiving a behaviour plan and external support.

We expect our pupils to behave well at all times. Rewards and sanctions are in place to ensure that pupils are aware of the steps which will be taken if they choose to misbehave. If your child continues to break the school rules or misbehave in lessons you will be informed and may be called for discussion with the Senior Leadership team. Should poor behaviour persist it may be necessary for your child to be placed on a ‘Behaviour Plan’ and in extreme cases an exclusion may take place and outside agencies involved.