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 Our School Buddies

Our buddies have been chosen by their peers with guidance from their teachers for their caring natures and their determination to make sure that break times and dinner times are happy times for everyone.

The buddies have access to a range of games and equipment and make sure that their friends can enjoy fun physical activities in a social environment.  They encourage quieter members of the class to join in.

The team of buddies are led by Miss Lowe who meets with them regularly to share ideas for games and for making break times even better.  They can also share concerns they may have.

Buddies who are new in the role receive training before they start and their skills are further developed throughout the academic year.


Our Buddies for 2021-22 are:

Year 1 - Chian & Jaipreet

Year 2 - Daya & Hannah

Year 3 - Nancy & Aava

Year 4 - Yashica, Destiny and  Kiera

Year 5 - Nevaeh & Amelia

Year 6 - Idris & Ramone