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School dog 

Faith is now seven years old and has been part of life at Christ Church C of E Primary School since she was a little puppy.


In the Autumn Term, the children in Year 1 learn about looking after pets as part of their Learning Challenge. Faith often supports with this.  They have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about caring for a dog and enjoy the interaction.  Some children have overcome their nervousness about dogs after meeting Faith and having the opportunity to pet her.


Faith is very good at providing comfort for pupils and staff alike.  She has helped a number of children overcome their anxieties about coming into school and often has visitors at breaktime and other points in the day for additional reassurance.


Away from school, Faith loves to play with other dogs she meets in the park.  She loves water and is at her happiest when she is running through wet grass, splashing in puddles and streams or if she is very lucky, in the sea. Her other hobbies include rock climbing and eating out!

If you have any questions about Faith, or would like to spend some time with her, please ask Mrs Chapman.


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